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Why Having a Car in Oshawa is Essential

12/20/2018 @ 9:31 am

Some people think since Oshawa is in the general area of Toronto, which is a major Canadian city, that having a car of your own is a luxury and not a necessity. The exact opposite is true, and we explain why that is.

We also explore the kinds of freedoms that finding car loans in Oshawa and buying your very own vehicle provides. In addition, the alternative forms of transportation are fully explored, including the drawbacks of using them instead of driving a car to your destinations.

Transportation Needs

If you live in Oshawa, Ontario or are planning to move there in the near future, having your own car is an essential way of getting around. This is why so many residents have their own car, despite the extra expenses and responsibilities car loans in Oshawa might involve.

While some people might not accept this as fact, having a car is Oshawa is essential. You need one to conduct your life normally. The flexibility and freedom provided by being able to get in your very own car and drive from one spot to another in Oshawa isn’t just a luxury.

Being able to drive where you need to go at any time is liberating.

To go without a car in the city isn’t an option if you actually go places regularly, which is why finding car loans for Oshawa residents as well as a good car is a top priority.

Work and More

Getting car loans in Oshawa and having a private vehicle to drive can be a necessary thing for your job. Of course, your individual situation might vary. Some professions require you to drive from one destination to another, at least on occasion. If you don’t have a car, that becomes far more difficult, if not impossible, negatively impacting your career. Don’t let not having a car hold you back professionally.

Even if you never drive from one place to another during work time, you still need to get to and from your workplace every day. For many people who live in Oshawa, that means commuting to nearby Toronto, which is a major hub for commerce in Ontario and Canada in general. Real estate and other expenses are lower in Oshawa, plus life is a little quieter and you can get a house with a good size yard, providing a nice advantage just for living in the suburbs.

While you could commute back and forth on workdays without a car, you don’t enjoy the same freedom or flexibility you get otherwise. Owning your own vehicle means you leave whenever you desire, instead of having to plan around others’ schedules. If you ever need to stop by somewhere like the store, gym, or a doctor’s appointment on the way to or from work on any given day, a car makes doing that quite manageable.

If you need to stay at work late on occasion or even often, or it’s necessary to arrive extra early at your place of employment, having your own car makes the completely doable. Instead of feeling extra anxiety in those situations, you can flex to the changing demands, knowing you have a safe and reliable way to get to wherever you need.

Public Transportation

If you haven’t noticed, Oshawa isn’t exactly a major city with a super robust public transit system. As of 2016, the population is estimated to be below 400,000 residents. While that’s not tiny, the result is residents must look for car loans in Oshawa instead of relying on public transportation. Having your own car is just more practical.

You might not realize it, but there are public transportation options for residents of Oshawa. The GO Transit trains allow you to travel to Toronto and Hamilton, plus other destinations along the way. However, once you get off at a stop, if you’re going somewhere that’s a significant distance from there your options are fairly limited.

The GO Transit buses run in Oshawa and other parts of the region. In Oshawa specifically, they run routes along the Highway 401 and Highway 2 corridors, which are popular areas for travel. But, if you’re going somewhere not in those areas, the buses aren’t exactly helpful.

Riding the bus comes with limits.

Whether you’re taking the train or bus, you’re limited to the set schedule for those services. That means you can’t just leave whenever and just start making your way to a destination, since you might have to wait for some time for the bus or train to arrive. During certain times, such as major holidays and off hours, bus and train service can decrease to the point that getting around becomes quite difficult or downright impossible.

Personal Freedom

There’s something liberating about being able to get in your very own car and drive from one place to another. It’s a type of flexibility you need to really conduct your life with freedom in the city, even if you in turn must look for car loans in Oshawa.

With public transportation, you might be able to get somewhat close to some destinations, which means minimal walking. But, in other cases the stops could be several blocks or kilometres from where you need to arrive, which can mean quite a bit of walking.

While walking can be good for your health, having to do it constantly just to live your life can be frustrating. It’s even worse if you need to transport items with you, such as groceries, sports equipment, or pretty much anything else. Not only would you need to figure out how you can get that stuff on a train or bus, you would need to carry it for the full distance of your walk.

Using a private car means you can park right by where you’re picking up any items. From there, you just throw your cargo in the back and drive to a destination, then take it out and walk a few steps, not a few kilometres. It’s just an easier and more manageable way of living.


You might think traveling by bicycle is better than trying to hunt down car loans in Oshawa and dealing with the responsibility of owning a vehicle. On the surface, this sounds like a great idea for a number of reasons.

Cycling everywhere can help you get in good shape. We all know the benefits of being healthy, and cycling can help with regulating your body weight, strengthening your cardiovascular system, and even building strong muscles.

You also don’t need to hunt for parking spots with a bicycle. In some parts of Oshawa and the surrounding cities like Toronto, that can be a huge advantage. But, there’s a huge catch. Some destinations might not have a rack to secure your bicycle. That could mean having to hunt for a solution, otherwise your ride will be an easy target for thieves.

Finding a spot to secure your bicycle can be a problem

Once winter rolls in, you don’t want to be using a bicycle to go anywhere. Most bicycle tires will be useless in the snow and ice which is constantly on the ground in Oshawa. You could get a model with wider tires and that would eliminate that problem, but there are others.

Canadian winters are famously brutal. When you’re riding on a bicycle, you’re completely exposed to the elements. Even if you wear several layers of clothing, cycling in sub-freezing temperatures is going to be uncomfortable. With a car, you can enjoy the nice heater, and in some there are heated seats and even a heated steering wheel. You sit in nice serenity, insulated from the falling snow and bitter cold, instead of battling with it every time you go anywhere.

Also, remember that you can’t effectively ride a bicycle in certain types of clothing. That could be a problem if you’re going to some destinations, such as work, a wedding, formal party, etc. While you could decide to pack a bag and change in the bathroom, that comes with additional problems. The clothes you bring along might looked rumpled and wrinkled, making a negative impact on people you meet for the first time. In addition, you’ll need to either carry the bag with your cycling clothes or find somewhere safe to stash it.

Safety is a big factor with cycling to get around Oshawa. It’s an unfortunate fact, but you’re taking a risk each time you ride a bicycle on the road. While you might be in the bike lane, a painted line on the pavement won’t protect you from distracted or careless drivers who could hit you with a heavy car at a high rate of speed. Getting seriously injured or dying because of an accident, no matter who’s at fault, isn’t worth the risk.

Ride Hailing

In this age of technology, your smartphone can put you into contact with all kinds of people and services. That includes ride hailing options like Lyft and Uber, which are constantly in the news for a number of reasons.

It’s easy to think that having a car, and that you don’t need car loans in Oshawa since these ride hailing services allow you to get from any point to another in the area. That’s certainly true, but there’s a catch.

The rate you pay for using Lyft or Uber depends on several factors. Certainly, one is the distance you’re traveling. They also change based on how many people are trying to get rides in that moment, so at popular times you’ll pay more.

If you use these ride hailing services often, the cost can add up quickly. While you must pay for car loans in Oshawa, as well as fuel, insurance, and car maintenance, what you pay for getting regular rides from Lyft and Uber can quickly surpass the expense of owning your own vehicle.

In addition, Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t regulated like cab services. That means your driver hasn’t been screened and could possibly have a criminal record. People use the services all the time and don’t run into problems, but you’re still taking a risk with them. It’s something you should think about more than twice.

Besides, the overall freedom of being able to get in your car and go from one spot in Oshawa to another in the area is liberating. If demand is high at a certain time, you could order a ride from where you are using Lyft or Uber, then wait for what might seem like forever before a driver can pick you up. That’s your time being wasted each time you need to go to work, the store, or even just out to have fun with friends. That waiting could make you late for important appointments and cause all sorts of problems.

If you’re living in Oshawa or are looking to move to the area in the near future, having your own car is an essential item. Getting around the area without your own car is difficult or expensive, making the alternatives anything but attractive.

The good news is there are car loans in Oshawa, as well as plenty of options for vehicles, so fulfilling this need isn’t difficult at all. You’ll be glad you went ahead and just bought your private mode of transportation, instead of trying to rely on other means of transportation and dealing with the negative consequences.

The good news is there are car loans in Oshawa that will suit your situation and needs. Since most people don’t have the savings to just buy a car without borrowing money, you don’t need to suffer without private, flexible transportation of your own.


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